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Dear Apple, Thanks for the Mac Mini

Hello everyone,,

The 2017 macbook pro was a hardware hell for me and it took out all the joy out of using a mac. Finally switched to a mac mini and this device is a pure joy to use and I love it.

I have been a mac user for quite sometime Appvalley now and i love macos. Being a developer it gives me the best balance between linux (has everything a developer needs, but often lacks quality apps) and windows (well i honestly cant code here, but the app selection is huge). CyberGhost I was so much in love with macos that honestly i would have given up any of my other devices before I would give up my mac. But the 2017 Macbook Pro honestly pushed me to the limit of frustration and inconvenience. I was so fucking frustrated with that hardware that it took out almost all the joy of using macos.

I mean you way up one day, go to a meeting and you find that ExpressVPN the backspace key is stuck, or the space bar or any of the other keys. Then the next week is about finding time to go to an apple store, waiting in line if there are no appointments, then spending the next 4-7 days unable to do much work (while the mac is being repaired). It was not just the keyboard, the screen broke, the trackpad broke. Then the issue of the 13 inch models not having enough power for work (I know the 2018's are way better). Anyway finally i reached a point where I decided to give up on the macbook and get a linux laptop. And then apple released the mac mini.

Overall, I was never comfortable with switching from a laptop to desktop setup. And the iMacs never appealed to me because I dont need a 5K monitor, or a 4K one. I dont play games, watch netflix exclusively on the ipad and I just need two 27 inch 1080p monitors to read web pages and my code. Which also means that I dont need a GPU at all. Even now i cant even fully utilize my internal graphics. So the mac mini was like a device that was designed for me. Lol. So i decided to shift to a desktop setup to see how it would go.

So I sold my macbook, bought a 6 core mac mini with 8GB RAM and then upgraded it to 32GB using third party ram (overall the money i got from selling the macbook pro more than covered the cost of the mac mini). Since then it has been amazing. I need as much single threaded performance as possible as im mostly compiling code and running scripts that process huge amounts of data using a single thread or something like that. And the mac mini has good single threaded performance compared to laptops. And because of its larger body and the low temperature at work (we have servers with 4-8 GPUs in the same room) the mac mini is able to maintain its turbo speeds for a long time for me (even the 2018 macbook pro cannot do that here as the body is too small). So after a long time Im happy with my mac again and it feels so good. I dont generally make long posts anywhere but i love this thing so much that I felt like I had to do this.

Finally for travel, i bought the new 13 inch ipad pro. I got to say, having to use the ipad is the only frustrating part of this equation. I use the ipad to check things over ssh, make presentations, take notes and write documentation in latex (this is somewhere the ipad pro is able to show its power). Its useless for any other real work (from my perspective). But hey at least it does not have to be repaired every 3 months. And overall the joy that the mac mini gives me more than makes up for the disappointments from the ipad pro.

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