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How can I factory-reset an iphone 8plus if I do NOT have the passcode, etc.

his was originally purchased by me, for my daughter. Well, she ended up getting herself into a peck of trouble and I permanently took it away. Things are better and she has now purchased a phone for herself(which is the better life example anyhow).

So, now I'm wanting to sell this phone but can't get into it. She also doesn't know the passcode and has tried to connect it to her itunes with no success. For reference, it's been sitting a while.

How can I factory-reset this phone to get it ready for sale?

I found an article on apple's site which outlined connecting it to (any) pc with itunes on it, then pressing the up volume button, followed by the down volume button, followed by holding the side button until it enters recovery mode, but all this phone seems to do at that point is restart. I just get the screen with the power off slider, and then it restarts.

Anyone know how I can get this done?

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