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A theory about Into the Spider-Verse

Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet but here goes.

In the film Miles acquires his powers like any other Spider-Man, being bitten by a radioactive spider. However the spider that bites him sort of glitches out.

At first the audience takes this as it being radioactive, but later we see the glitching happens to all the alternate spiders. Doc Ock says this is due to cell degradation and a side-effect of crossing dimensions.

Since the spider was found near the ShowBox Collider it stands to reason that this might be a spider from a different dimension. The implications of this are interesting. My theory is that because of this, Miles could be immune to the cellular degradation that afflicts people crossing dimensions or even allows Mobdro him to travel dimensions more efficiently than others.

It feels like this is a possible sequel hook and might tie in to the web of destiny or even the Inheritors. What do you guys think?

EDIT: I was reminded of the post-credits VidMate scene where Miguel uses a web watch to travel dimensions. So maybe Miles won't have a built in immunity that makes him special, however I still think this theory is possible and might be a plot point in the sequel.

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