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Issues with Blackberry Keyone (serious slowdowns, crashes), any solutions?

The phone will run at a snail's pace more than half the time - I will have to force-close at least 5+ apps a day. The Facebook Messenger app especially causes insane slowdowns (up 45 seconds waiting for the first message to appear, and it's almost always stops responding once before, if not causing thew phone to crash). I've had the following apps crash on a regular basis: Messenger, Phone, Chrome, Firefox, Facebook, Maps (at least once per day), Camera, and a handful of other apps based on my location. There are other minor issues to, like the home and back buttons not working until the phone is restarted.Hola VPN Private Internet Access NordVPN

Is there an update or patch meant to fix the issue? Is anyone else having similar issues and found a solution? The phone is nearly unusable in its state, which is extremely frustrating. I already had to replace an 8 month-old Keyone last year because an update bricked it, and the replacement they sent me has been glitching out since I got it (started small, the square button occasionally stopped working, had to restart the phone to make it work again), and even though it's been less than 7 months, Blackberry is unable to replace it as the warranty passed and they don't have any European parts (my NA phone was replaced with an EU model, as I was out of the country at the time).

Sorry this turned into a rant, the past three Blackberry phones all broke before their warranty, and I'm feeling a bit worn out.

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