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Android on BB KEy2

I used to use BB phones (BB OS) when I was in the US, but I stopped after going back to my country (as carriers don't support them here). After that, I switched to iPhone and it was a relatively easy transition, as both system share a common thing: SIMPLICITY. My iPhone died, and I have been using my friend's Samsung Note 7 for months and I must say: I HATED the guts of Android OS. It is just not for me. People told me you hated it because you are using Samsung's variant of it, which is quite annoying (full of their apps that you can't delete, the OS itself is so prominent, you are forced to interact with OS more than the apps themselves!). However, I was told that Android on BB Key 2 is different. They mentioned it is a "near-stock-Android" (whatever that means). I hope someone can help me: Is Android on BB Key 2 an enjoyable experience? I will make a purchase decision based on your answers. I love you all.

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