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Samsung USA store Terrible customer service

So on 9th of August i placed an order about a Note 8.A few days passed and they order updated to Delivered but i didnt have any notification from fedex or anything.I follow the tracking number on fedex just to see that it was signed by someone who i dont recognize and as far as i know there is noone arround with that name.I call up samsung customer support and i start explaining,long story short they told me that the package was most likely stolen and that i had to submit a police report.I went to my local police department and asked about it,i filled a couple of forms and i send via e-mail to samsung a copy of the police report and they told me that in a couple days the investigation team will issue a refund.2 months later i havent got any refund neither a replacement neither an update from the investigation team.I have called the customer service for about 20-25 times every couple days and they kept telling me the same lies over and over again.I will never order anything from these people again and i would advice you to do the same.

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