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who don't like the Cyclops/Prawn after using the Seamoth, here's the trick

I've noticed in comments around this sub that a common feeling amongst some players is that switching from the agile Seamoth to the clunky Prawn and slow Cyclops doesn't feel great. I've played the game three times now, (only one for 1.0), and I always felt the same way, until the most recent playthrough when I realized why and how to fix it.https://downloader.vip/adobe-reader/

Subnautica's gameplay is split into two halves, and you play very differently in those halves. The first half, the Seamoth phase, requires you to frantically look for progression blueprints and resources, constantly popping in and out of your vehicle. The second half of the game's gameplay timeline, the Cyclops/Prawn half, totally changes gameplay -- you're not frantically driving around for anything anymore. You use the Cyclops to go deeper and deeper for story progression instead of blueprint progression, whereas the Seamoth was used mainly for blueprint progression instead of story progression.https://discord.software/

Where the problem some players have comes from, I think, is that you can get the Cyclops/Prawn super early while your progression phase is still in the Seamoth phase of the game. So, since the Cyclops/Prawn are later stage vehicles, you feel they're "better" and want to use them, but they shouldn't really be used for the Seamoth progression phase tasks. When I was using the Cyclops/Prawn for Seamoth phase stuff, it was slow and clunky and wasn't too fun.https://downloader.vip/itunes/

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